Single Family Homes

Single Family Homes

Talinn Desert Ridge Homes
Single Family Home at Talinn.
Under Construction homes – Emblem at Talinn

Talinn contains a total of 766 single family home sites between four builders.

Homes in Talinn sit on various standard lot sizes, although variations in size occur.

45’x125′ (5,625 Sq Ft) – 224 lots
50’x125′ (6,250 Sq Ft) – 307 lots
65’x130′ (8,450 Sq Ft) – 138 lots
Mixed (8,500-12,000 Sq Ft) – 84 lots



24 Floor plans in total ranging from 1,611 up to 3,700 Sq Ft.

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Single Family Home in framing stage at Talinn Desert Ridge