Additional Clearing of Vegetation

Additional Clearing of Vegetation


Sept 15 , 2020 – Permits through the city of Phoenix were approved to today continue the site prep for the future Talinn Development in Desert Ridge.

218 trees will be salvaged and placed in a temporary nursery, which 201 trees remain in place and 78 will be removed completely.

Once these vegetation has been removed, full ground prep of the site will continue!

Work continue on the completion of 56th street from Deer Valley to Pinnacle Peak Road.


Duplex Townhome Progress

April 8, 2024 – The first 8 units are being closed in and almost ready for interior finishes to be installed. Please make sure to register to be notified of the first release!    

Duplexes Underway

Duplex Homes are underway and expected Spring of 2024.        

Talinn Duplex Homes Coming Soon! & More!

August 16, 2023 – Duplex townhomes at Talinn are in the planning phase and are expected to come to market in the spring of 2024. There are a total of 276 townhomes to be developed. The standard lot size is around 2,500 sq ft, with some lots slightly larger. In total, four unique floorplans are […]

Sales Continue

Sept 19, 2022 – Sales at Talinn continue, while many of the first buyers are closed and living in their beautiful new homes in the community. While options for homesites are still relatively limited, there is no longer bidding process occurring.Ā  Homes from all builders are being sold on a first come first served basis. […]

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